Written and directed by Jack Jackman, iDENTiTY is a series of eleven short, darkly humorous plays about identity in the digital world.

We presented six of those plays at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017:

OUTLiER: How much of your identity have you already sold to Big Data?

DESiGN: In a world of designer babies, what’s to stop someone designing a psychopath?

MiSTAKEN: Unleashing the bank robber in all of us.

THiEF: What if someone could literally steal your identity?

CRiSiS: Will gene-splicing mean we have too many mums? And what will that do to our identities?

OFFLiNE: What if that wicked-crazy girl you met online actually turns out to be, well, wicked crazy?


The second play, DESiGN, was presented again at Bedlam Theatre by the University of Edinburgh Candlewasters group on 24th November 2017.